Thursday, 17 April 2008

Some rough colour concepts

Here are some tatty concepts for the character ideas I was banging on about in the previous post.

This is 'Neil', an ancient demon condemned to existence trapped in the form of a poorly crafted sock puppet. He is an angry character who has a bitter but hilarious disliking for anything living or representative of happy life. He takes out his frustration for the freedom he lacks by possessing other people, objects or using his spooky ancient demon powers to try and make others lives a misery.

This is 'Ron' then the happy-go-lucky protagonist who is amicable but careless and naive to the ways in which this world works. He is the most 'human' of the characters in the sense that he's the kindest and most logical one and I'm assuming the character most people will identify with. His long body tends to be drawn a little warped to emphasize how ltall he is but also, his playfulness. You don't get how happy he is usually from the above and below images so I need to draw some very thourough character sheets up with a broad spectrum of emotions and movements but in these images you ARE seeing the relationship often shared between 'Ron' and 'Neil' the puppet as Ron is aware of 'Neil's' sinister intention to dominate and possess his mind someday.

Benyamin is the foreign exhange student neighbour who lives next door to Ron and 'Neil'. He is a very stressful character who has as a result developed an over-eating disorder and understandably, an anxiety over how he feels about his body, which.. makes him nervous and eat more. In an attempt to 'deal' with his problems he often wears ridiculously large clothing or very odd eye catching clothing to avert attention from his frame. His fears include insects, dogs and 'Neil' and as such is quite a timid character, explaining why his best friend is his cat, Toasty.

'Pok' is the dog of the household who has no eyes, just glowing white eye sockets. His origins are unknown of by the other characters but 'Neil' suspects that he is some government weapon gone wrong which escaped and turned up in the back garden. It would be more accurate to describe Pok as genderless rather than a male or female but the other characters find it humanizes 'him' a little to assign him a gender role. Pok spends his time following Ron around whereever he goes, literally sliding after him in a stood up or sat down position without moving his legs at all, as if he was a cel of animation that someone literally just slid across a scene. This is to emphasize the overwhelming ominous creepy factor that Pok exudes as he is a usually silent but still very intimidating character and even Ron and 'Neil' are typically weary of him. When not being horribly frightening, Pok looks for objects to fill his eye sockets with like bottles, lightbulbs or legs of ham which could be used as a good ice breaker in a scene or a punchline. This is also where Pok gets 'his' name from, from the 'POK!' noise when something is removed from a socket.

And finally, Lucy or 'that creepy little girl' is a wannabe voyeur who spies on Ron from outside of the house, from tree tops or in the shadows when he's outside. She has a strong obsession with Ron and his friendly ways but prefers to communicate in her own way to him by dressing as different objects and animals she thinks he likes so that if he ever spots her, he might know that she knows something about him rather than ever actually speak to him . Which.. is a very stalker-ry in which to get to know someone. But she can serve as a kind of narrator to some episodes or a plot hook for investigation.

I should show more people to garner impressions of these and alert Tony to my progress so far. Otherwise, I need to steam on and get this tidied and finished me thinks.

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